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About Us

About Us

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Eduhat India Private Limited is a leading teacher training institution dedicated to developing future global educators who will be equipped with slashing teaching methods, but will also demonstrate a deeper understanding of teaching methodologies that they can apply in a variety of classrooms around the world.we provide different types of courses like international montessori diploma/certification,International montessori advanced/PG diploma,International montessori integrated program.

The Diploma Course in Pre-Primary Teacher Education gives students a deeper understanding of the world of preschool and secondary school teachers. Teachers are better qualified to support learning as a result of the case studies and research work linked with the diploma level. We have students from all around the world, the courses we offer are of We are constantly developing new teacher training courses in order to meet the rising demand for professional teachers around the world of international quality.

Why Choose Us

Our programs are ideal for students who are passionate and want to start their career with young children. The curriculum of our programs covers all aspects of early childhood education. Since there is a huge demand for trainee teachers trained in India and abroad, one can start a very good career after completing these programs.Our programs are recommended to all experienced young children who want to gain insight into the best way to personalize their teaching curriculum so that children with mixed abilities can work at their own pace. Teachers should consider these programs as an upgrade and implement the Montessori methodology in traditional schools.Our programs are highly recommended for young people who are interested in learning and caring for young children. It's also great value for future parenting. When our program is completed, one can find suitable jobs in a reputed educational environment.

Our Values

Passionate about learners

Making a difference in education. Proudly putting children and young people at the heart of everything we do and providing opportunities to enhance their learning and experiences.

Collaborative and responsive

Working in partnership with Certification Bodies, Universities, Colleges and Schools to provide a high-quality service. Being flexible and responsive to changes in their needs and the educational landscape.

Responsible and fair

Providing an open and fair service. We are constantly developing new teacher training courses in order to meet the rising demand for professional teachers around the world of international quality.

Well-informed and focused

Understanding the current educational climate and challenges that schools and teachers face, to help us deliver a service which meets needs.Teachers are better qualified to support learning.

Respectful and open-minded

Treating people as we would like to be treated ourselves with dignity and courtesy. Welcoming and encouraging everyone who wants to contribute to our business and the world of education.


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