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International Montessori PG / Advanced Diploma
International Montissori Level 2 Program

SED Councils International Montessori Post Graduate / Advanced Diploma Program is a Level 2 program conducted for those, who want to become a Montessori Trainer for the children up to the age of 12 (Twelve) and also for those who want to become a Teacher Trainer, School Head, School Owner, School Counsultant etc. This program includes EPL (Excercises for Practical Life), Sensorial, Arithmetic, Science & Culture etc (All Subjects Advanced Level). and also provide training Yoga, Communicative English, Personality Development, Public Speaking, School Management, Student Counselling and Basic in Computers. We provide training on Original Montessori Apparatus only and this program covers 350+ Level 2 practicals. This is an Internationally accredited certification program and the carriculum is designed by professionals.
This program is specially designed for existing and aspiring educators who would like to understand more about Montessori Methodology and implement it in their daily routine while working with schools/kindergartens/pre-schools/daycare centers.The job opportunies of international montessori teachers training program is an educator in Montessori School, Montessori Directress, Kindergarten teacher, Kindergarten counselor, Administrator in pre-school, kindergarten supervisor, pre-school coordinator, curriculum coordinator. And One can also start one’s own Montessori school, kindergarten, or Daycare Centre


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